Elite Home Health Services


Clients Who Took the Time to Write Testimonials

I found Michele Nielson to be a highly knowledgeable and professional LPN. I would like to recognize some the these qualities that I found worthy of special recognition. She takes the time to know the individual she is working with and explaines why she is do8ing it and goes over her plan of action for the individuals' recovery.

Michele displayed the ability to look beyond the "box" and solve problems. 

 I had a knee revision joint replacement. On my return home I began receiving Home Health care and PT services from your team.Over the years I've had several orthopedic procedures but never received the high level of home health and exceptional Physical Therapy your team provided.

Fred,liaison, came to our home to make sure the incision was healing properly, Marie LPN came one evening to clean the redness on the incision, Claudia RN came by several times to check the incision and address any of our concerns, as well as Karen PT. Karen's expertise allowed me to progress with therapy beyond what I thought I could accomplish in that period.

In Summary, Elite Home Health employs an exceptional team of RN's, LPN's and PT's.   

- Wayne S
I especially want to thank Susie ( my nurse), she has been with me all the way for 9 months. I always knew I could count on her, if we had a question we knew we could talk to Susie first. I truly believe she saved my life. As I was waiting for my husband to come home and take me to the hospital he called Susie to cancel my appointment, but she came over anyway, took a look at me and called 911.It turns out that I was septic and in kidney failure.
We knew before that how much we love Susie; she's like family.

                                                                                                                                                   -Lucas R

"Over this past weekend and on Monday Patty went out of her way in every aspect to help us with my mother, Frances, during a most difficult situation. Patty showed passion, caring and understanding for Frances as well my brother, my wife and me. I can’t even begin to provide every detail of what she did; there was so much!! She helped us navigate a very difficult time. And because of her guidance my mother passed peacefully and we are all very grateful. You are fortunate to have Patty and we are fortunate that she was there to help us. Thank you"  

-Wayne G

"I would like to recognize Angie and Tasha. They were really on top of things. Also, Joe and Lynn went beyond the call of duty and were wonderful."
-Shawna D.
"Please accept my gratitude for sending Patty RN to assist me during this difficult transition. She is extremely professional, always punctual and offered immediate answers to all my questions.
She is a jewel"
Elizabeth Anne R.

"We would like to thank Angie and Patrick and your wonderful group that helped take care of Wanda during her stay here at home.We knew that is we needed help is was only a call away.

I was with your great help and knowledge what got Wanda back on track and mended.

Thanks again."

-Don and Wanda L.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of Susie Marion as a special Nurse and Caregiver. She has a wonderful way of making an unsettling situation calming. Susie is a Professional, but has the warmth, humor, and constant positive attitude that helps the stress be bearable. I looked forward to her appointments and her ability to make me feel at ease in a bad situation. I believe that the positive support, great care, and excellent education she provided was instrumental in my quick recover.

I feel that your employees represent the attitude of your company, and it is apparent that Susie is a great asset to your company."

-Brian L.

"Re: Nurse Suzie
My wife and I have had the need for your home health services which came highly recommended. Elite has lived up to and exceeded our expectations, especially with regards to your nursing staff.

Nurse Suzie has been fantastic to work with. She is patient , professional, thorough, supportive and very knowledgeable. We had concerns about home health services, having had an unpleasant experience with a different company  years ago. From our perspective, Suzie has done an outstanding job and we look forward to her visits. She is an excellent teacher, and has helped us overcome our fears and concerns about caring for my ileostomy.

We also want to compliment Mark, the physical therapist who was assigned to us. He was always good to work with and very knowledgeable.

-Ben L.

"I just want to thank you for being an amazing nurse, teacher, boss, & human being. All of these patients are bless to have you be a part of their lives. Thanks yo for your guidance & you have really inspired me to pursue the art of wound care. I will miss you"

-Former employee

     "Please accept my gratitude for sending Patty to assist me during this difficult transition.

Words cannot explain how she helped me medically. She is extremely professional, always punctual, courteous, and offered immediate answers to all my questions.


Patty made every effort to make this medical situation easier.  One of the qualities I admired is that she offered me clarity along with explanations, plus an understanding of the procedures which actually gave me comfort. She was always calm and knowledgeable. I looked forward to her visits.


Patty has exceptional people skills. She would make a terrific RN Trainer.  I know this because I had my own business for years. She is a jewel! Bless her."

-Elizabeth R.

"Thank you for providing exceptional health care to our daughter and in some ways to our whole family.  Every individual staff member we have been in contact with has treated us with compassion and respect. Never in the past 48 years of our working with other home  care agencies have we seen such dedication and commitment to the patient and their family.

We actually look forward to weekly nurse visits, yet are also looking forward to the day (our daughter) will no longer require your services. Blessings to all!"

-The 'D' Family

"To Whom It May Concern, I recently had a full knee replacement that required at home visits for physical therapy as well as many visits for a knee wound that required specialized medical car(e). From the 1st visit it was clear that I was receiving care from nurse trained specialists in all of my questions were answered clearly and thoroughly repeating often as necessary. All were patient, concerned and caring making sure I understood purpose and technique. They were consistently on time for appointments having supplies available. Everyone worked as a team supporting, clarify as needed. Angie and Patrick, Lydia, Joe and Suzie took away any anxiety I had by their knowledge, reassurance and concern. I would recommend them highly and acknowledge my surgeon Dr. David Cammarrata for his interaction the group through, emails, assessments, progress of the patient for a quality experience."

-Pleased Patient

"Thank you for everything yo do for me. Your professional way to heal and treat patients like me? is greatly appreciate(d). God Bless you guys."

-Robert C.

"To Angie and Patrick, 

God sent Angie and Patrick to care for me as I battle colon cancer. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are caring, experts in their field, and all around nice people. I don't know what I would do without them!"

                                                                                  -Sherry R.                           

"To Susan,
Thanks to you I can say I used to have a big wound on my hip! NOT ANYMORE!!! I had that wound for more than 2 years and nobody gave me any hope. Until, out of the blue, you came around to fight with my nightmare wound. You put all your knowledge into this fight and your smile on my soul. Proud to call you my  forever friend."

-Bob C.

"In 2012, I was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent surgery and radiation. .....Over the past year I began having chronic neck pain and made an appointment with an ENT specialist. He was very concerned with ow frail I was and ordered a PET scan and swallow test. The test showed I was aspirating..... I was deemed (NPO nothing by mouth). My ENT ordered a PEG tube to be installed......The hospital ... set me up with Elite Home Health....After four days of tube placement Elite Home Health scheduled a visit to my home with Anthony V. SLP. Anthony was appalled that I had not received feeding orders and made it  his priority. Issue was resolved by 9:00 am following morning.

It has been a breath of fresh air to have Anthony administer therapy. I feel he genuinely loves his job and gives it his all! He is extremely encouraging in my dim world at the moment. He is very professional, prompt, progressive and up to date on new procedures and practices.

Anthony is very upbeat and positive, and because of his attitude I am striving and giving it my all to overcome my disability. Thank you Anthony!"

-Terri H.

"The speech therapist was very, very professional, diligent, knowledgeable, and caring. He just really seemed to be a fine person, in addition to being very good at his craft."

-Beth S.

Received a telephone call,

Marla R; her husband William just called and wanted to let us all know that his beautiful wife has been started last night with Sage hospice and that she will most likely be going home to Jesus today. He wanted to thank Elite and esp Jenny for all her help and he was very thankful and really wanted everyone to know that Jenny is great and if he ever needs help himself he will definitely call us.

"Dear Angie,

In all the years since Bob's accident in 2006, we haven't encountered anyone like you-and your staff! We were really in trouble last month and Chris arrived at our home. What a lovely lady! She quickly went about her tasks and performed the SN my husband needs, and wrote up the plan of care. I'm aware that there was a misunderstanding about orders, but you went to the importance of Bob receiving the care, then arranged for staffing for his needs. We so appreciate the efforts of you and your staff - Reese, Jennifer, Tiffany, Suzie- in showing kindness and compassion for a patient in need. You are very special! We will not forget."

-Bob and Marcia K.

"Your Liz is amazing  she still needs that pay rise she so deserves  I just love the two of you ,and I am sure without a doubt ,  you would have no others that are as great as you to do a amazing job ,for the love of people, and the need to do better in the health  care career  words can't express my feelings for, to me words can not say it 😍thank you both hugs out later"
-Connie T.
"Anthony, of Elite Home Health Service, was an outstanding provider for my father, Arthur C.  Anthony was compassionate, interested and professional.  He was always on time and very informative.  Anthony took the time to truly help and to watch my father’s progress.   He followed up and made sure before discharge that my father was eating appropriately for his abilities.


As a caregiver, Anthony made my job easier by leaving very clear and specific instructions and exercises and I had no questions about how to proceed.  When something difficult arose, Anthony was quick to respond with needed information and instructions.  He cared and followed up as well, to be sure things were alright.  Anthony was not only thorough, but always went the “extra mile.”


My father greatly improved under Anthony’s therapy and care.    I am grateful and would recommend Anthony with great confidence.


                                                                                                      Most Sincerely,"

-Carol R.

"I'd like to thank Elite Home Health Services for helping me through a very difficult time in my life. After a total esophagectomy and tracheostomy I wasn't able to swallow any liquid or solid food. For 6 months I was unable to eat or drink anything and was given nutrition only though a feeding tube. I had lost 20% of my weight putting me in a fragile condition because I was thin to begin with. After being released from hospital care where I did not receive adequate swallow therapy I had a SLP therapist Anthony V., from Elite come to my home and with his expert guidance went from "no food by mouth" to eating a regular diet with no restrictions all within 2 months. I had never even heard of swallow therapy but that is the best definition I can give for what Anthony did for me. I learned that a speech therapist wears multiple hats including that of a "swallow" therapist.

I am a living example of how swallow therapy can transform a person's life. Perhaps even save a life."

-Beth S.

"Nurse Tami...Kudos to you, your expertise and your care. I will totally miss you. "

-Stefanie H.

When I came home from the hospital with an emergency colostomy, I needed help with all the paraphernalia that goes with that procedure. Angie's vast knowledge in ostomy care is so impressive. She worked tirelessly to find a product that would not compromise my sensitivity to adhesives. Her staunch support of her patients is evident in everything she does. My caregiver was an angel named Claire . My wife and I looked forward to her visits to our home and are so impressed with her knowledge, friendliness, professionalism, good humor and compassion. What a terrific organization and a joy to know Angie and Claire. We couldn't have asked for better help and care in our time of need!

-Glenn E.

Received a call from Caregiver Mary for Madge M.

Says how wonderful it has been to have Stacey providing care to for Madge. She is so thoughtful and caring. Always calls before coming and calls with updates of wound status if Mary is unable to be present at visit.

-Caregiver Mary for Madge M.

Received a telephone call from Karen D.

States that she was unsure of Home Health in the beginning and apprehensive about how things would progress toward her impending surgery.. Says Tami saw her for about 3 months and really eased her apprehensions. She went above and beyond to to ease her worries. Tami was an excellent nurse and we should be proud to have her on our team.

-Karen D.

"D & A want to compliment Elite Wound Care for your most beautiful help. D is doing so much better, can hardly believe. What a great help, you all were to us. He was so very sore & uncomfortable until Victoria came Thursday. Better every day since.

Susie M sure has been a special source of light & joy in our life, when pain was so bad. Such an inspiration you deserve the best"
"Dear Susie you are the greatest, the best of the best. Love kindness, ethical, compassion you show in everything you do. Unafraid to stand up for what you believe. Caring, sincere, confident, very passionate, so helpful. You are very dependable, devoted worker. Keep up your cheerful & lovely disposition, a very dedicated worker, great in your field."

-Dean L.

"The personnel in your organization have been outstanding professional and very knowledgeable people.Each care giver over the past few weeks has strived for excellence, this attitude put my spouse and me in a very safe place, and we thank your care givers for that. All the nurses that attended me over the past weeks have knowledgeable, patient, and respectful. We would like to give a special thanks to nurse, Susan M, she has been all of the above, with a very positive attitude and outstanding work ethics. She always addressed all our questions and concerns with information and answers that put us at ease. Thanks your nurse Susan."

-Patricia & Walter

"Anthony is good at what he does. The speech therapy that I received blossomed under his tutelage. I enjoyed the visits we had. He made our visits a pleasure. He helped me talk about my problems better. He helped me work on my memory & the things I need to remember. I am glad I had this chance to work with him."

-Virginia G.

"I came home from the hospital with an open wound. We choose Elite Home Care for my in home care. I was assigned to nurse Susie. Right from the day we meet Susie she put me at ease and answered all our questions whenever we had one. Susie is very professional, thoughtful and caring person. You can tell she loves what she's does. I would recommend Elite Home Care to anyone."

-Karleen G.

"There is NO doubt in my mind that Angie literally saved my dad and my sanity when I was fortunate enough to learn about her services who were highly recommended.. My dad was sent to a rehab facility "Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center" after a 33 day stint in the hospital. He had an ileostomy and when it started leaking, none of the nursing staff there was unfortunately equipped to handle anything other than a "normal" ostomy change. After 3 days of leaking and literally destroying his skin, I had to take matters in my own hands and get him out of there as it wasn't allowed to have an ostomy nurse come in to the facility. Not knowing one thing about how to help him, I was beside myself and when Angie called me back, I was elated that she dropped everything and came to his rescue. She fixed his leaking ostomy with a convex type of bag and started him on the healing path for his skin,, She has been wonderful and extremely caring toward him. This was way over my head in learning to help my 84 year old father, but she has taught me so much that I think I can finally say I can do this thing on my own, So many people feel the frustration I'm sure that I felt, until I met this angel of mercy Angie. She is the most knowledgeable person in her field. Even the hospital "ostomy" nurse that was sent to teach my dad how to care for his ostomy wasn't near as knowledgeable as Angie. If you ever are in need of her type of services, I give her a five star plus rating. She is amazing.."
-Kristie L.

"I would like to share my gratitude for Tami as well as Stacey.I live out of state and communication and trust is so important to me. My dad spent his last 6 months in a wonderful care home in Phoenix. Elite HH, provided the additional care that he needed. Tami is a very knowledgeable professional, that took the time to share with me on many occasions on how my dad was doing. I trusted her, she and Stacey care and make a difference. We will always be grateful to both she and Stacey as they were always looking out for the best for my dad. As a team, they simply are the best."

-Terri K

"Just a note to say 'thanks for your outstanding care in some of my worst days!'"


"I would like to share my gratitude for Tami as well as Stacey.I live out of state and communication and trust is so important to me. My dad spent his last 6 months in a wonderful care home in Phoenix. Elite HH, provided the additional care that he needed. Tami is a very knowledgeable professional, that took the time to share with me on many occasions on how my dad was doing. I trusted her, she and Stacey care and make a difference. We will always be grateful to both she and Stacey as they were always looking out for the best for my dad. As a team, they simply are the best. "

-Terri K. Daughter of patient

"It is so refreshing to see a young professional like Anthony making a real difference in the life of our elderly! He took a hard case of Advanced  Parkinsons/Dementia/Dysphagia, with severe swallowing difficulties and after weeks of intense exercise regime and close oversight, he brought the patient from a medical soft diet to an optimal diet (regular food) with minimal risk for choking, aspiration pneumonia...That is extremely important considering that food is one of the few pleasures left in life when you reach a certain age."

-Amy, Owner/Manager Group Home

"new HHC RN (Becca) doing great job" 

-Physician for patient Steven M.

"Elite provided wound care for me for three weeks which encompassed the most professional and knowledgeable I would want for my patients. They were very accessible and quick to respond to my concerns in addition to being very caring. I would highly recommend them for their nursing and wound care services. Kudos especially to Patrick. Thank you very much!."

-Chris M.

"We would like to commend Henry on the wonderful job he did with my husband for P.T. He was very knowledgeable as to what needed to be done. He was understanding, patient, and kind. His visits were the highlight of our day. He was always on time. We miss him. You are very fortunate to have him on your team."

-"Wayne" & Carole G.

"Anthony has been working with me the past five weeks on speech therapy. I've seen a great amount of improvement in my ability to swallow and eating earlier 'forbidden foods'.

These five weeks are in a way saving my life in that I can eat more than basically soup and saucy foods and have learned ways to make my swallowing productive, as well as make my tongue stronger."

-Betty J.

"I just wanted to give you and your agency a formal thank you. On August 24 of this year my life was forever changed.  I lost my colon to 15 years of Ulcerative Colitis and the threat of cancer.  I thought that I was prepared for the changes that would occur in my life but unfortunately I was in for a rude awakening into the reality of having a stoma after an ileostomy.

I was ill prepared in the hospital for the responsibilities that would await me at home. Though there were well intentioned nurses giving me care while in the hospital, the reality is that you are unprepared when arriving home to fully understand how much care you really need. That is where your agency came in and basically saved my life.

I arrived home scared and miserable. I was weak and frustrated. I knew I had to persevere but I was not sure how. That was until I was contacted by your agency and I learned who my at home nurse was. Michelle N. came into my life and it dramatically improved from there.  Michelle was not the only nurse who provided me with excellent care.  Others from your agency answered my emergency calls as my stoma was wildly out of control. But it was Michelle that was always there for me, always ready to answer a call from me when I had a problem. She called me on days that she was not scheduled to come. I remember during my darkest times that I would know that I could always reach out to her in case I needed help. The first time I had to change my wafer and bag on my own I had Michelle’s number pre-dialed on my phone just in case I ran into a problem.

I again want to tell you how much I appreciated the care your agency gave me. I also want to thank Michelle for all the help she gave me and without her help, I would have not recovered as well as I had."

-John L

"Anthony has been the speech therapist for my husband for many months. He has done a wonderful job & more than that, he cares for him as a person in all ways. We are so sorry he has finished treatment but that is because Aaron is doing so well because of him....Thank you for sending this wonderful person, Anthony, to us and did so much to help."

-Phyllis & Aaron R.

"I had colon cancer surgery on April 28th and have had several issues with wound drainage after additional surgeries. I was originally assigned to {another home health} after my original surgery and not having any experience with Home Health companies I didn't know what the normal routine was.I had a different nurse each time they came to the house. We had to update the new nurse each time as to what the issues were as apparently they didn't discuss the patients nor did they check what was in the computer on my case before each visit. It was frustrating to me and my wife.

I had additional surgery with a hernia repair on September 11th this year. Somehow I was assigned to Elite Home Health. Elite sent a nurse named Jenifer. I must say what a heaven send. Jenifer has been my  since that time and has been a help to my wife as she has trained (her) the proper and aseptic way to change my bandages when Elite wasn't available. Her professionalism, knowledge,  attitude and explanation on my progress have been a blessing to me in my  process. I would like to say how that helps me, and I'm sure other patients, keep a positive attitude in my healing."

- Russell O

"We want to thank you for the donation of tee shirts for our ostomy picnic in Mesa. Your attendance with your wonderful excitement was so much appreciated we look forward to meeting with you again in the future."
-Ostomy Group of East Mesa

"After having colon surgery for diverticulitis, I found myself with an unexpected ileostomy bag.  I had not prepared myself for this possibility. Thankfully my surgeon had arranged for Elite Home Health Services to care for me upon my return home.  Someone came the very next day after I got home and I had visits twice a week for nearly the full 2 months of convalescing before my ileostomy reversal surgery. Someone even came on the holiday to bring me much needed appliances. The care continued another month after my 2nd surgery to monitor my incisions and general health. Everyone with Elite was so professional, caring, and passionate about their jobs.  They were most knowledgeable, competent, and comforting.  They helped me get through those 3 months of both physical and mental challenges. I never could have done it without them. I would recommend them to anyone contemplating home health care!"

- Linda E

"Several months ago my wife and I were referred to “Angie’s company” by a very compassionate surgeon at St. Joe’s who sensed our concern with a chronic inoperative medical condition as well as our anxiety about our ability to effectively manage the situation.  That’s when Tami came into our lives!

From the first time she walked into our home wheeling her suitcase behind her, Tami has consistently exuded confidence, competence, and compassion. After a very comprehensive assessment of my condition, she immediately went to work on the most immediate problem, a breakdown of my skin. Subsequently, through some trial and error, she came up with the best ostomy supplies for my condition.

During the past few months I have experienced several other medical incidents such as wounds from a fall, pressure sores, and leaky pouches. Tami has always focused on each of these incidents as another opportunity to use her medical skills to correct or alleviate the situation and make me as comfortable as possible.

Tami has become an indispensable part of our lives.  I don’t know what we would do without her. She is truly our Guardian Angel!"

-David G
"Thank you for caring for 'the patient'. He trusted and respected you."

_ Personal Representative, Estate of patient

"...the nurse you sent during last episode did some very good wound teaching with CG (Care Giver) staff, which was very much appreciated. Maybe she can do it again."

_ Referring Physician

"We have had home health services from your company three times this year. I'm writing because I need to tell you how amazing Tami is/was. It all started when my grandma was in the hospital and rehab facility. We chose Elite home health because a dear friend of ours, Stacy, works there so it had to be good. Little did we know, services would be beyond our expectations. Tami came over to ask us the 1000+ questions about what we need and want from home health. She was very sincere, professional, and made sure our care was nothing but the best.

(Grandpa) called her a "super nurse." If Tami said she would be at our house at 6 am, she was. If she said she was going to call and check in to see how we were doing, she did. If there was a problem, she fixed it. She was incredibly patient, kind, caring, helpful, loving, punctual, professional, and passionate while she was with us. She's an extraordinary person. Can't get much better than that. There's no doubt in our minds that she belongs in the nursing field. It's very evident that she loves her job. Thank you so much Tami and the rest of Elite for being there for my family. You're a godsend. If we ever need home health again, you are our first choice."

_ Lots of love, Tara

"I wanted to thank Tami the nurse on call a week ago. She came out late on a Saturday and was patient with me when training on IV antibiotic. Tami made herself available all night and Sunday she reached out to me to see how (my husband) was doing.

I want to thank you (Lori) for your kindness and understanding when you talk to me on the  phone, may it be I'd need more services from your company or friendly advice you have always been very kind and patient with me and I appreciate your professionalism.

Today was an unusual day, but Lauren handled it with total professionalism. Knowing she has a schedule to keep, she still put my husband first and me at ease....I would like to say unfortunately patients come and go but the integrity of your nurses will always be remembered and it's a reflection on the company."

_ Pamela, wife of patient

"The recent operations I experienced were stressful and difficult. My wife and I appreciate the competent and reassuring care we received from your organization via Danielle and sometimes Patrick. Danielle, in particular, made a major difference and helped the situation turn a positively as possible.

Thank you for being there for us and helping us get through a rough time in our lives and thank you for having such care nurses as Danielle B. She is an amazing woman doing extraordinary work."
- Loren K
"Elite Home Health a sido de gran bendicion para nosotros, sus  servicios y buen trato para mi hija Melissa. Ella a estado resibierdo los servicios en casa por la Senora Angie especialista y duena de esta compania. Mi hija Melissa recibio los mejores cuidados. Ella estaba muy mal, gracia a Dios la conocimos por medio de la dra Rose Richards. Angie es una gran profesional, un angel que Dios mando, a la vida de mi hija. Mi esposo y yo estamos agradecidos."
"Elite Home Health has been a great blessing for us, in the services and good treatment of my daughter Melissa. She has been receiving the services at home from Angie, expert and owner of this company. My daughter Melissa received the best care. She was very ill. Thank God we were introduced to her by Dr Rose Richards. Angie is a great professional, a God sent angel in the life of my daughter. My husband and I are thankful. We recommend Elite Home Health Services. All the team of employees are professionals."

  - Vilma, mother of patient

"Dear Angie, It has been just about a year since Mayo Clinic first introduced Mary and me to Elite Home Health Services...as a potential health provider to me for my ostomy needs. This letter is to advise you that I am pleased that they did.

You and Patrick were very thorough...'upfront' in assessing what was going to be required to clinically service, monitor, and stay on top of the changing requirements that initially seemed to be forever ending...at times...from my Mayo doctors. but...you stayed with it and I can say, the relationship with you, Patrick and Elite has been most rewarding for me as a patient...and for Mary as my worried wife.

Dear Stacey, From you very first visit you put me at ease by your clinical demeanor and your professional attitude. You knew what needed to be done...and you did it. ...The wounds under my ostomy appliance have been well serviced by you and your tender approach to my safety and well being. But...your professionalism goes well beyond that... You are a VERY pleasant person...always upbeat. You bring a spark of life to this old body every time you come to call. That is as good as it  gets."

- Thomas C

"Dear Angela, Thank you so very much for visiting our Ostomy Support Group. Your presentation was very informative, professional and interesting. Very positive comments were made by our membership."

- Marilyn J, Secretary

"As I was waking up from the anesthetic after a colonoscopy, I heard the doctor say to my husband, "Yes, it looks like cancer but we will have to wait for the lab results to be sure." And so begins the long journey of CTs, MRIs, blood tests, oncologists, surgeons, hospital stays, chemo, radiation, and numerous other scary encounters. But the light at the end of the tunnel was Angela & Patrick coming to our home and giving us the training & help we needed to continue my care at home. We are very grateful for their support, kindness and expertise. Thank you Elite Home Health...you are the best!"

_ Mary H
"I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your service and my RN Tami. She was wonderful. She had answers for all my questions and taught me how to care for myself. My recovery went smoothly thanks to Tami and your service."

- Carolyn K

Received a call at Elite from Larry B to say how pleased a patient was with Patrick’s care.  Larry stated that he has been treated by home care agencies in the past and he really didn’t enjoy the experience and was leery of Elite, but Patrick made it all “tolerable” for him.  Patrick did a “wonderful job”, healed his wound, and Patrick kept Larry “pepped up.”   Larry has told his doctor how wonderful his experience was with Elite. 

- Larry B

"Thank you so much for two of the best Elite professionals that you assigned to provide services for our elderly residents, here at Shea Estates Assisted Living : Our RN Tami and our PT Brad.
Tami is so energetic and efficient......thorough and accurate in her medical assessments of our residents who love her and look forward to see her on the next visit.....she is a short phone call away should we ever need her help. We love her happy, positive personality and enthusiasm and we have the peace of mind knowing that whenever the need for nursing services, our residents will be provided with "Elite" quality care.
Thank you, Tami for your passion and compassion you always shown to us!
And then , there's our PT, Brad.... It's not easy to put in words how grateful we are to have Brad on our team....we are so impressed with his work ethics and skills... He is very detailed in his work routines and we had wonderful results with some of our residents who seemed unable to recover very well following health/ medical conditions. Brad was able to restore their mobility and in so doing, give them back a sense of hope and dignity. He has a special touch with elderly and despite their age and health limitations, he brings the best in them.....We all love Brad.
It is a privilege to work side by side with these two great professionals and learn from their wealth of knowledge and experience.
Thank you, Elite!"

- Sincerely, Amy , Group Owner Owner
"I want to thank you for giving me a new lease on life. You eliminated the inflammation around my stoma and stopped the leakage problem with my pouch system.

I can now go out with confidence like I have not for some time.

I would also like to compliment Julie for all the information, direction, and support she gave me.
Thanks again.

- Doris F

“She was REMARKABLE. I couldn’t have had a better experience. I feel like I have a friend. Tami was so kind and caring and just wonderful!”

- Patricia H

"I am so glad that the wound care nurse at the hospital recommended Elite Home Health. I was told that they are the best there is. Angela and Patrick Okeke their care was professional, but also very personal. They helped me through the process of recovering from an ileostomy surgery with complications. I owe my rapid progression to them. From day one, they were very positive and encouraging about my recovery. Angela and Patrick came in with confidence and put my family and me at ease. They made a situation, which for me felt hopeless, and gave me Hope and the Assurance everything was going to be OK.

I cannot say enough good thing about Elite Home Health. I had no idea what to expect and everyone was so first-rate. From the managers to the caregivers, I can't tell you how much it meant to feel like we were in such capable hands. They were a God sent. They always confirmed they would come on a certain day and time and they were there. I could not have asked for better care! Keep  up the good work. You are very much appreciated!"

- John S

"I am most pleased and have no hesitation in recommending 'Ange' Okeke, RN, BSN, CWON as a most proficient and personable 'home care RN' in the medical field of a large retirement community.
- Ethel M

"Having Michelle and Lori is a delight. They are the best; not only cured my wounds-but were always there on time to help.....if ever I need help again their the only two I want."

- Rae F

"I have been the Assisted Living/Memory Support Charge Nurse for almost 5 years at ... I was anxious for Angela to complete the preparation to open her Home Health Company. With Angela RN CWON, as the co-owner of Elite HH, she has given her team of clinicians the knowledge to give exceptional care. Elite Home Health has provided our team members with the knowledge and confidence of preventing pressure sores, dietary needs to assist healing wounds, proper food care to diabetics, pressure relief techniques, knowledge of signs and symptoms of pressure sores and proper transfers and body mechanics from physical therapy. The residents do not encounter the care in which they would be given by Elite HH with any other HH company. Elite Home Health Services provide extraordinary care and knowledge to all of their patients."

- Stacey, Assisted Living Charge Nurse

"Mary is the best PT (Physical Therapist). She was very good with (the patient). I will be giving the office a call when we need any PT services due to Mary being excellent at doing her job"

- Maria, Care-giver Group Home

"I cannot begin to tell you how knowledgeable and caring Angela Okeke has been to me. I have an ileostomy for close to forty years and sometimes my stoma and the area around it breaks down. Angie has always been there for me taking care of the stoma as well as keeping my confidence high. She has become my healer of the wound as well as my caring friend. Angie's expertise in wound care is much needed in our community for patients like me. I don't know what I would do without Angie!"                                                              
-Thomas G

"Patrick and Angie, thanks for being so kind, caring, concerned, thoughtful, and most of ALL you both have a wonderful heart when taking care of your patient. Not very many like you."

- Beverly W


"Angela Okeke RN, was instrumental in every phase of my recovery and self reliance in ileostomy/stoma upkeep. Besides her uplifting can-do attitude, she brings a wealth of knowledge about the treatment and management of wound and ostomy care"

- Charles R

Angela Okeke from Elite Home Health Services has been the greatest asset in getting me back on track and comfortable to leave my home for short periods of time .
After I left the hospital I went home with a temporary colostomy bag. Immediately I began experiencing problems with bag leaking causing a mess of my clothes etc. it was to a point that I wouldn't leave my home and became very depressed. I went through supplies so quickly changing my appliance 2 or 3 times a day. I also experienced frustration in trying to get supplies to be delivered. I kept calling the nursing service and Doctors office begging for help. Finally my Surgeons office called Angela requesting assistance with resolving leaking issues. By this time my skin around the ostomy was very red and had blisters from the leaking.
as soon as Angie became involved she immediately called and came to visit me. She changed the appliance to another type and visited me regularly to ensure the skin was healing and the leakage stopped. With Angie's help she found an appliance that worked for me. Thankfully Angela resolved the issues and I was able to begin leaving my home for simple errands like grocery shopping.
Angela has showed much concern and compassion I would not be leaving my home and if it weren't for her. I'm now able to walk my dog, visit my neighbors, go to church and do many other things that bring great joy to my life. She calls and checks on me and if I am having problems promptly makes time to visit. I am so thankful that she was contacted and has gone above the call of duty to help me. Elite are very lucky to have Angela ... and I am lucky to be a customer.
- Karen K
"Thank you Angie for yesterday, you did a WONDERFUL job and I am sending you a ton of hugs"

- June (mother of patient)

"Thanks Michele for all of your great care! Mom has really enjoyed you taking care of her. She mentioned that she hopes you'll visit her every now & then. I was so happy to see last Saturday that it (wound) was healed & seemed strange not to see the bandage. Again, thanks for your amazing care!"

- Beverly, (daughter of patient)
"Dear Stacy, what a blessing you have been to us. You and your professionalism have not only had healing power but you have also relieved much of our stress. You are a wonderful nurse."

With much love, Mary & Terry

"My husband, George K, received services from Elite Home Health Care. He was totally dependent on using a power chair for his transportation. Erin and Barbara provided him with outstanding physical therapy and occupational therapy. due to their conscientious focus on George being able to be self sufficient, George is now able to walk get in and out of the shower safely, use the restroom with no help, safely get in and out of bed, and feel the independence only people who can walk and take care of dressing themselves can only experience. George is a much happier person due to the skills he has learned and the confidence he has gained...."
- Pat K, patients' spouse
"Angie, Thank you for coming into our lives when most needed. when most needed. You have blessed us well with your knowledge, as I know you will bless many more.... P.S. I miss seeing you."

- Fran & Larry N.

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